Rope Access is a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the work place, and to be supported there.

Doublewaves(TM) (DWI) specializes in the cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of facilities. Through the use of innovative rope access techniques, we can rapidly assess your facility’s conditions and recommend and perform any necessary repairs. Facilities are often corrosive environments for equipment and structures, and can produce a large amount of dust and heat. Sustaining an effective preventive maintenance program will reduce or eliminate costly equipment failures or production down time.

Working cooperatively with owners & facility managers, we can help facilities prevent potential costly fines for non-compliance with environmental air quality requirements. Our certified rope access technicians can address any stack efficiency issues, whether internal or external to the structures.

From wide range oil and gas industry, include activities of fabrication, facilities maintenance, inspection & repair, DWI is here to address the most challenging, high-elevation facilities maintenance needs. We install and repair safety platforms, ladders, access structures, lighting and lightning protection on all structures, chimneys and stacks.

Industrial Access can help extend the useful life of weathered or aging structures. We provide coatings, painting and surface reconditioning including removing scale and rust, preparing surfaces for repair, and painting/application of protective coatings and lining materials.


Rope Access Technique (RAT) is very effective and efficient way to support inspection, maintenance & repair activity at high than conventional methods (Scaffolding). Benefits using RAT are:

  • Rope Access’s efficiency is 30% better than scaffolding.
  • Event need a little bit time than scaffolding in doing the task, rope access has faster set up & dismantle time.
  • Cost-efficiency should be relevant with time saving.
  • Safety First. Rope access technique’s safety is managed professionally.
  • Support with incredible hanging welding technique.
  • Last WPS-PQR (BPS) & WQT Certificate from Migas Project

With this technique and combined with other skill, we can do a lot of general inspection, maintenance and repair work, such as:

  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Coating inspection
  • Cleaning activity
  • Welding activity
  • Painting activity
  • Redundant part/structure removal
  • Part/component replacement
  • Bolt inspection & replacement
  • Derrick structure installation & modification
  • Electrical works
  • Dynamic & static equipment repair without shutdown (i.e. conveyor)
  • Dropped object survey scheme, etc.