Based on DROPS data, Dropped Objects continue to account for the majority of actual and potentially fatal incidents in the upstream oil and gas industry. In fact, dropped objects (also known as falling items and material fall) are among the Top 3 Causes of death and serious injury across many industrial sectors. The same statistics apply to leisure activities and home life too.

Dropped Object Prevention Scheme Inspections are a key element of dropped object control and prevention. This survey is to be regularly conduct dropped object inspections as part of routine maintenance and operational activities.

These surveys provide added assurances that all potential dropped object hazards are identified, assessed and recorded such that control measures and corrective actions can be recommended and implemented within the owner’s Asset’s Management System.

Focus on the underlying causes, identify and assess the hazards and apply appropriate preventive and mitigating controls and barriers.

In establishing an effective dropped object management system, facilities, structures, sites and locations are typically separated into manageable areas. Within these areas (e.g. Drilling), major structures may separated further to represent levels, equipment areas and modules.

For each area, an inventory should be prepared detailing and uniquely referencing all equipment that is located, stored, held, mounted, secured or used at height. This represents all the potential dropped objects in that area and the inventory may run to hundreds of items, depending on the location.