DWI’s on-site metallographic testing and analysis services help optimize material selection process, monitor real-time component condition and detect potential or existing damage in an early stage, to avoid costly failures and extend the lifetime of your equipment.

On-site metallography or metallographic replication is a non-destructive testing method to evaluate the metallurgical condition of a metallic component, enables the necessary investigations to be carried out at the site without destroying the component.

No more worries about materials that are too large, too heavy, or too fragile to be transported to a lab. We are providing materials characterization, mechanical testing, chemical analysis and metallurgical testing which enables us to commit to projects of all types and sizes, provide excellent turnaround, and deliver on site metallographic testing and analysis services.

We combine the most up-to-date equipment with the expertise of our highly skilled metallurgists to select the testing method that best meets your needs and requirements.

On-site metallographic analysis and testing services:

  • Production and preparation of test samples for non-destructive testing
  • Chemical analysis and material identification using PMI methods
  • Coatings inspection
  • Hardness tests including hardness measurements and portable hardness
  • Ferrite content measurement for duplex steel and austenitic weld metal
  • In-situ replication for mechanical and chemical microstructure evaluation and microscopic examinations
  • Damage and degradation analysis, EPR measurements to determine the Degree Of Sensitization (DoS)