DWI specialize in precise Dimensional Control Surveying, which is provided to our international client base using our network of professionally qualified dimensional control survey engineers.

With dimensional control surveying, DWI is able to provide clients with “real time” 3D results in the field. Utilizing highly accurate total stations and industrial measurement software, our dimensional control surveyors have the experience and expertise to ensure your projects will fit the first time by comparing design dimensions to industry standards and tolerances to verify conformity.

What we can do for dimensional control survey:

  • Spool Metrology
  • As-built survey (platform/jacket)
  • Dimensional metrology
  • Ship dimensional surveying
  • Tanks & vessel surveying
  • Plant as-built

Procedures that need to be dimensionally controlled including alignment, length, thickness, ovality, straightness, circumference and as-built structures.

Some benefits from Dimensional Control Survey service include:

  • Reduced design, re-work and shutdown times
  • Reduction of man-hours in potentially hazardous areas and activities
  • Guaranteed fit of pre-fabricated items
  • Elimination of multi-handling of components
  • Availability of archived data
  • Elimination of re-design during installation
  • Minimize fit-up issues that result in schedule/budget overruns