By periodically certifying our equipment, we have helped to realize occupational health and safety in our working environment.

Certification (riksa-uji) is an integrated inspection technique that uses a variety of inspection methods to ensure that the inspected object is functioning properly so as to support occupational health and safety in accordance with the laws of the government of the Republic of Indonesia.

As an Occupational Health and Safety Services Company (PJK3), as stipulated in the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Regulation No.4 of 1995, we provide Service in an effort to support the creation of Occupational Health and Safety in the work environment.

Scope of Certification

The following is the scope of the equipment that we can certify (riksa-uji):

  • Lifting & Transport Equipment/Vehicle/Tools (Forklift, Crane, Ship Unloader, Crawler Dozer, Mobile Loader, Hydraulic Piling Rig, Cargo/Bulk Vessel, Wire Rope Sling, Synthetic Webbing, Sling, Shackle, etc.)
  • Boiler & Pressure Vessel (Boiler, Air Receiver Tank, Compressor, Storage Tank, Mobile Tank, etc.)
  • Electricity & Lighting Rod Installation (Lighting Rod, Electricity Distribution Network, Electricity Transmission Network, Generator Set, etc.)
  • Production Machine & Power Plant (Production Machine,Tools/Toolbox, Starting Rotator, Press Machine, Injection, Molding, etc.)
  • Elevator (goods & passenger) & Escalator
  • Fire fighting installation (hydrant, alarm, smoke detector, etc.
  • Working environment certification